Libras and Their Birthday

Most of us enjoy our birthdays.  Very often, regardless of age, we get extra attention. And today with Facebook–I got a gazillion good wishes yesterday. My husband knows how much I love my birthday and makes it very special.

Of all the signs of the zodiac Libras love their birthdays more than any other sign. Now that is a big statement and I may get all kinds of comments on this. Remember I just said that Libras in general love their birthdays more than any other sign. I have never met a Libra who did not get excited about having a birthday.

Getting old is a double edge sword–we all want to keep living, but don’t always like the signs of aging. I have always looked younger than my years, but notice a bit of wear and tear–here and there.

I am grateful for each day that I wake up–could stop there–and feel good, but mostly excited about what I am going to do each day.

I do not discuss age.  My mother used to always say, “whatever age you tell people you are, that is the way they see you”.

So I bid farewell to my birthday, and my husband is busy planning next year’s event.





Libra with Moon Signs

Maybe because I am a Libra I really enjoy writing about this sign. However, whatever sign you are your personality is going to be changed by your moon sign. As a Libra if your moon sign is also in libra–what does this mean?

Libras are social, fun loving and sometimes very indecisive as I have mentioned in past writing. Add a Libra moon and what happens?  You might be thinking here “double trouble”. That is both right and wrong.  Now are you thoroughly confused?  Most Libras are not overly emotional and have a most interesting way of rationalizing different situations in life. With a Libra moon this adds a little more emotional feeling.  On the outside you can show a social and fun demeanor, but can feel very hurt inside.  In other words you are able to hide your feels very well.

As Libras want everything to be fair, and we know sometimes life is not, they can actually feel extremely upset and want to make changes. Libras can spend a lifetime trying to explain their perspective to another and never give up.

Summing up this combination creates a popular and fun to be around person that everyone wants to be a friend with.



Gambling and Your Sun Sign




This is just for fun today.  As a poker player I often try to find out what signs people are to help me understand their betting. I have often wondered what signs gamble the most.  So here is my perspective on this subject.

Aries: Want to make a quick buck and leave.

Taurus: Thoughtful about what to play, and if they lose–they are gone.

Gemini: Gambling is fun and if it is a fast game, they are in.

Cancer: Make it and take it home.

Leo: Likes to make big and showy bets.

Virgo: Probably does not care to even go in a casino.

Libra: What shall I play today?

Scorpio: Checking the odds

Sagittarius: Comes to the casino with a bucket of quarters. However that doesn’t work anymore.

Capricorn: Carefully planning and plotting

Aquarius: Enjoys the camaraderie and will make some new friends.

Pisces: Use caution when gambling…

Does any of this describe you?

The Book of Afformations–Noah St. John

Today my blog is for all signs of the zodiac, as we can all succeed in whatever we wish.  There is no one sign that has it over the others. Well, maybe except Libra–sorry guys that’s me! My friend John Kremer who has taught me so much about book marketing is handling the marketing for Noah St. John.

I have just begun my journey with this book and it is a page turner.  You will find some very different and old ways of reaching your dreams. Here are a few excerpts. These are just a few of the success stories, and we all love them—and they will be ours.

Noah tells the story of how he invented Afformations one morning in 1997. He was in the shower when he asked himself a question that changed his life: Why are we trying to change our lives saying statements we don’t believe when the human mind responds automatically to something even more powerful?

Here are just a few of the remarkable, real-life stories from people around the world who have used Noah’s Afformations Method to change their lives…

  1. Stefanie, a 13-year-old student from Wisconsin, used to suffer from chronic worry and insomnia. Using Afformations, she cured her insomnia in one night and never lost another night’s sleep again. Stefanie’s mother Mary even used Afformations to grow her home-based business and help her husband land his dream job!
  2. Brandon was a struggling insurance salesman who’d spent more than $40,000 on every self-help program under the sun without seeing results. Using Afformations, he tripled his sales in 30 days. By the end of the year, his income had increased by 560% and he was named Agent of The Year.
  3. A home-based business owner in Virginia had tried for four years to qualify for the car her company uses as an incentive for sales performance. No luck. She heard Noah speak about Afformations at her company’s annual convention, started using them immediately, and qualified for her first company car 90 days later.
  4. Kaisha, a sales professional from London, was worried she might lose her home if she didn’t start making more money. She read about Afformations, started using them, and tripled her sales in less than a month. Two months later, she was offered a new job at twice her old salary!
  5. Sam and Shirley from Phoenix had been trying to sell their home for over a month with no luck. After a friend told them about Afformations, they started afforming that their house would be sold at the right price. Less than 24 hours later, a couple made an offer on their home, and Sam and Shirley got the price they were looking for.
  6. Chris, a finance expert from Canada, had never been able to raise large amounts of money. After using Afformations and listening to Noah St. John’s iAfform Audios for less than 3 weeks, Chris closed his first million dollar client.
  7. Michael from Germany was a chronic procrastinator. He and his wife Silvia had decided to get a divorce. In fact, the divorce papers were on the desk waiting to be signed. At the last moment, Michael decided to share Noah’s teaching of Afformations with Silvia. Something switched. They decided not to get a divorce, are best friends again, and share their list of Afformations with each other every day.

Welcome Libras–Today!

We are beginning a new sign today–Libra. As I am a Libra this is the most fun for me. And what are we like? I have rarely spoken to a Libra that doesn’t suffer from making decisions. I am not talking about big life changing ones, but mostly “what shall we have for dinner” types of decisions. The question of what to wear and what to do sometime can turn into monumental moments.

Seriously Libras are wonderful people–what am I saying? We are often very social and love to be around people, but always need our quiet time. When involved in a project it gets all of our attention, and when we are finished, we are finished. The keyword in our personality is “fair”.  We hate things that are not just and fair. Hearing about misfortunes where someone takes advantage of another is very difficult to handle. I will post more on this balanced and fun sign as the month goes on.

Please remember to subscribe to monthly forecasts so you will know what is on your agenda–for all signs.



Romancing a Virgo




How to romance your Virgo love, is the topic of the day.  As we leave the sign of Virgo until next year, here are some helpful hints on how to stir your Virgo love. For you guys, don’t think because she is very practical and organized that she doesn’t like a little romancing. Go outside the box on this one and buy her some flowers, and not on her birthday. She will delight in your thoughtfulness, as if is one thing Virgo women like is to be surprised by loving gestures.  For her practicality make sure the flowers will last, and it doesn’t hurt to have them in a vase that matches the decor. Another idea that will totally delight her is to offer to do a needed repair around the house.

Now for you ladies with Virgo loves here are a few things that will delight this sometimes quiet man  Make his favorite meal, and set the atmosphere with a little music and maybe a candle or two.  He will tell you he hates frills, don’t believe him for a moment. Your thoughtfulness will make his day. An extra hug and a few kisses won’t hurt at all.

More About Virgos




Lets talk more about Virgos. We are in the sign of Virgo for a few more weeks.  All Virgos are not created equally. Among the many reasons that will separate Virgos from other Virgos is the time of the month you were born.

If you were born the 1st ten days of the sign you have a strong Virgo influence. You will tend to follow the set traits of the Virgo sign in comparison to Virgo people born later in the month. Mostly you may be very health conscious, analytical and set in your ways.

If you were born the second ten days of the sign you will have strong Capricorn influence. You will be more ambitious than other Virgos.  You may be a quieter and also very select in your friendships of both sexes. Achievement brings satisfaction to you Virgos born in the second ten days of the sign.

If you were born the last ten days of the sign you will have a strong Taurus influence. Along with a clean and organized home, it will reflect your fine taste in furniture and art. You often love antiques and things of value. You are very steadfast in your love relationships.

You will note that Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus are all earth signs which are the most practical signs of the zodiac.

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All About Virgo




Happy birthday to all you Virgos out there. Virgo is one of my favorite signs, especially since my moon and rising sign reside in Virgo. Virgo people have an amazing sense of humor, and they do have a way with words.  They are intelligent, caring, empathetic  and they do make wonderful friends. You can always depend on Virgos to keep a secret, and they are wonderful listeners.

Virgo people are often reputed to be hypochondriacs, however they have a strong sense of survival. You will find many Virgos pushing their carts in the local health food grocery or vitamin store. This sign is  big on prevention and often subscribe to a variety of health oriented newsletters. I should know as I am one of them. Diet and cleanliness are top on the list,  however this doesn’t mean you won’t find a Virgo or two living in a clutter home.  Actually they do love the clean home but tend to leave things around, and putting stuff back in place–may not happen. It is rare to find a Virgo who is overweight, as staying trim and in good shape ranks high on their list of priorities.

In love they tend to be practical, and enjoy being in a relationship with someone who shares their interests, communicates well and puts their things away. Never nag a Virgo, as this inspires them to do the opposite.

Good professions for Virgos are in the health field, social work, journalism and law.

Dr. Philip McGraw–Celebrity TV Psychiatrist




We are in the sign of Virgo,  and I like to feature a celebrity born under each sign, that maybe you can identify with on some level.

Phil McGraw is a well known popular TV psychiatrist.  If you tune in the show accidentally, you will be compelled to continue watching.  He has a  charming and influential way of dealing with all problems of his guests.

Dr. McGraw is a VIRGO, born September 1, 1950. As a Virgo he has the gift of gab. Virgos do have a way with words in both speaking and writing.  He is also practical and deals with life in simple terms. His moon sign is in Taurus which adds to his practicality. He loves beautiful surroundings and enjoys the good things in life. Virgos are experts at positioning themselves for success. They work problems and issues out with great practicality, and often know how to remove themselves emotionally from many issues.

Dr. McGraw chose an excellent profession as a Virgo. Problem solving, analysis and pragmatism make up his personality and ability for success.

This year is one of outreaching for the popular doctor. He will spread his wings to all media and find new ways to enhance his popularity and visibility.  Getting together with family members and taking short trips is on his agenda. His popularity is still at an all time high.




The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

I will be sending out a monthly forecast for all 12 signs of the zodiac starting September 16, for all those who have subscribed.

I refer often to the 12 houses on the zodiac, which represent all areas of your life. Here is a rundown of these houses, so you will understand more of what I discuss.

1st House: This house represents you, your personality, ambitions, and your physical appearance. Your emotions and responses are an integral part of the first house.

2nd House: The house of money and possessions. How do you like to spend your money–are you a saver or spender? Are you lucky with money, and always seem to be at the right place at the right time? How you feel about possessions, your surroundings and all you encounter.

3rd House: Brothers and sisters and close family. Many of your friends may feel like family. Short trips and communications are also part of the third house.

4th House: Your father, your early home life are part of this house. What kind of home you have and what is most important in your home.  The type of furniture you enjoy and the colors that surround you are also part of the 4th house. Your early emotions and feelings are nurtured here.

5th House: The house of  fun, social events and good times. How do you like to spend your time? Romance and love affairs are also part of this house. Your creativity in work and play. This is also about the hobbies you choose. How daring are you, or perhaps cautious.

6th House:  This house represents general health and workplace environment. Also small pets are included here. Even if you work at home–what kind of work environment do you enjoy? This is also part of your everyday life and how you choose to deal with each day.

7th House: Th is house is directly opposite the first house, so it is often a reflection of you. It is the house of partnership–business and marriage.  It can often be people in your life who influence a lot of your thinking and emotions. Contracts and enemies can be part of this agenda.

8th House: The house of death (not in the physical sense) and rebirth.It is about the many chapters and changes we have in our daily life.  Inheritance and other people’s money are featured here. Passions, crisis, power and unusual events are part of the 8th house.

9th House: Higher education, spiritual existence. Religion is part of this house, but your religion may be how you choose to deal with life. Foreign travel may be on your agenda here.

10th House: The house of ambition and goals are developed here.  Professional success and even fame will be found in the 10th house. This house is also about the mother and your relationships with her, and the part she has played in your life.

11th House: Large groups and organizations are part of the 11th house. Casual friends you meet along the path of life are found here. Projects on a large scale that you may be involved in are also part of the 11th house.

12th House:  Often called the house of self undoing and what we do negative to ourselves. It is also our karma in life. We dig into our inner feelings and get in touch with ourselves in different ways, which is always a positive thing in life.  This house represents how we deal with difficult people in our lives.