The Enigmatic Cancer Sun Sign

In astrology there are many traits associated with each sign.  The reality in life is that we all have a little of just about every emotion and feeling.  Cancer people are no different in that respect.  How do you recognize this zodiac sign–you may not as all signs come in different shapes and sizes.  However, if you are invited to their home you may find certain traits surfacing.  First of all the house will be extremely comfortable with many favorite things around–and don’t be surprised to find many family pictures on display.  The house won’t be filled with expensive furniture necessary, but all will be warm and inviting.

Your dinner will be a masterpiece as this sign, as reputed love to cook and create wonderful tasting meals.  And be prepared to have a huge appetite as abundance is the keyword.  Don’t let this warm home fool you into thinking this signs stays home all the time.  Success is the main word–whether working or staying home achievement is a huge goal of Cancer people.

In love they are passionate and caring–and never criticize children, spouses or even good friends as the Cancer crab will raise his head and…… Loyal at any cost are Cancer people.

They are most compatible in love and friendship with Taurus, Pisces and Virgos.



Cancer–A new Day a New Sun Sign

Moving right along with Cancer people.  I always love starting a new sign as there is so much to say.   Cancers are reputed to love their home, and they certainly do except they love having a beautiful home.  Their homes are filled with things that create peace and comfort.  Small cozy places to sit and read or better yet work out a huge business deal.  This sign is amazing in the success department.  Great leaders and always hard workers.  You will find many Cancer people at the helm of corporations or in their own businesses.

Of course there are many chefs wearing the Cancer hat as they love good food.  And they love to cook and create wonderful food fare.  I have a Cancer friend and being invited to her house for dinner is always a culinary delight.  This zodiac sign produces loving and caring parents and make sure their little ones are well taken care of.  They always know when to allow their children’s independence to thrive.

Cancer and Taurus is considered to be the love match of the zodiac.  Cancers are often drawn to Leos and Aries though it does create a dramatic and challenging relationship.  More on that later.






We are now in the sign of Cancer so look this month for information of this most interesting zodiac sign.

Aries:    The sun is in your 4th house so things are bright on the home front.  This is an excellent time for redoing and taking care of repairs you may have been putting off.  Try not to get into disagreements with other family members.  Look at both sides of the picture.  This week Mercury is still residing in Gemini.  You may be hearing from a friend who has been off your radar for a while.  This is also a good time to take care of emails that have been sitting for a while. 

Taurus:  The sun is in your third house.  That pesky bill you have been having problems taking care of has finally been solved.  Call some family members you have not spoken to in a while. With Mercury in your second house means this is a good time to work on that budget you have ignored.  Remember that saving money for special things is better than frittering away the dollars.

Gemini: As we leave your birthday month  Mercury is still in your first house.  Evaluation of funds and future spending is still on your agenda.  It is also a good time to spend some time alone and evaluate some friendships and even business projects.  Venus is in your third house and this is the time for a few extras.  You don’t have to break the bank but lovely plants are a super addition and inexpensive way to perk up your abode.

Cancer:  Happy Birthday Cancereans.  It is your birthday month and time for you to shine. Try not to be so hard on yourself.  You don’t have to be perfect to get things accomplished and get noticed for what you do.  You may want to visit a friend in the hospital or who is home bound for a while.  This is a good time to talk to yourself and evaluate some of the things you are involved in.  A good deal of patience is on your agenda for this week.  There are a few loose ends with friends and family that you should take care of.

Leo:   Reach out to people in one of your groups and take front and center on an important issue going on right now.  You are at the top of your game in the idea department.  Share everything and give good reasons for the implementation of some of your ideas.   Venus is in your first house focusing on you.  You are looking good to those around you.  Take advantage of this great aspect on your chart.  Call some old friends for lunch and take some time off just for you.

Virgo: if you are in the market to meet someone romantically speaking—-a good time.  Or better yet if you have a love in your life some extra attention may work very well.  You are waiting for an answer on a problem so patience is also on your agenda.  When meeting with others do a lot of listening and think before you speak.  You may feel like you just want to share your ideas and thoughts immediately.  Pay attention to what others have to say as it will work best in the long run.

Libra: Ambition is at an all time high.  Take advantage of any offers that come your way, and be sure to research everything.  As a Libra you often jump in feet first so use some caution.  You are looking good to your co-workers or business associates.  If you are involved in any groups or organizations you will be receiving a lot of applause.  Mercury in Gemini  is favorable for learning new things. Perhaps you are thinking about taking some courses, and possibly honing your writing skills.  All in all this week looks good on most fronts so enjoy some lovely compliments.

Scorpio:   Education and philosophy are on your agenda.  Your ever positive though secretive attitude is shining through this week.  If you have some legal matters to tend to make sure that all details are in order. It is always a good idea to stay current with all things in your life. Make a list of all the things that are bothering you and cross  one off at a time.  Putting your thoughts on paper will help alleviate any stress that may be present in your life.

Sagittarius: You are having some really exciting ideas for either a new business or a new project. You will find a lot of support from others so share.   Stay in touch with some old friends and perhaps a lunch or coffee is in order. As always with the philosophical Sagittarius personality your advice is sought after often.  Run some of your new ideas and thoughts by friends who are currently in a similar situation.  You may be surprised at the help you will receive.

Capricorn: Maybe some challenges with partnership are on the horizon—however it is really about clearing the air and all will be well.  Communication is the keyword here.  This is about patience and care while dealing with some issues this week.  Your co-workers or people you deal with in life have some issues that need tending to. A good time to take your pets to the veterinarian for a check up.  if you feel a cold coming on take a day off and get yourself back into shape.

Aquarius: Time for details for all you Aquarians.  Check over your finances to make sure all is in order.  This is always good advice for all the zodiac—but this week is especially a good time.  Thinking about some changes in your life—take massive amounts of time to think things thoroughly before making that decision.  You could meet someone new in your life—should you be looking.

Pisces:  Social time for you this week.  Let your hair down as you have been working hard. Family members may be asking for favors and it is up to you whether you want to cooperate. Lots of activity at home—perhaps entertaining or even thinking about making a list of repairs for the next few months.  Your often quiet household is reaching new decibels this week.strolog

The Gemini Criminal

Every zodiac sign has its famous criminals and Gemini has been know to deliver a few.  The most notorious is John Hinkley.  He did have some positive aspirations in life but they didn’t work out.  He became a drifter and suffered from severe depression.  His famous crimes were stalking Jodie Foster and of course the attempt on President Reagan’s life.,

Each zodiac sign seems to develop a certain type of criminal.  Gemini people rarely are found in the killing department.  The Gemini will often commit crimes to get notoriety and the bask in the attention. The Gemini who has a clever mind and is usually very bight does well in con games.  With his personality he can convince you of just about anything.  If there is something valuable to be stolen and it is any easy job –you may find a Gemini present.  Interestingly enough they rarely worry about getting caught.  Though there are criminals found in each zodiac sign their attitude about crime is totally different.  I personally find it fascinating to analyze the charts of criminals and see if there are some indications for their specific behavior. IMG_0019

Famous Gemini People

As with all signs of the zodiac celebrities  such as musicians, actors, sports figures, politicians and scientists can be found born any time of the year.  Gemini is blessed with its  fair share of famous people. Though I would have to do an in depth chart of each well known Gemini to see similarities of these Gemini folks. As I was gathering names for this post there  were  many commonalities of those born under this sign.

Angelina Jolie with her philanthropic endeavors was very much a Gemini growing up with a restless nature and causing many a stir.  She has evolved into a loving mother and one who has a giving hand where she chooses.  Donald Trump is another who falls under the sun sign of Gemini.  Whatever your opinion about him or his hair style he has brilliantly taken over the roe as a visible and very successful entrepeneur.  Cole Porter as a prolific musician and song writer was relentless writing hundreds of famous songs that will live for many years.  And the innovator of some of the first comedy routines Charlie Chaplin.   Not to leave out the enigmatic and always remembered Marilyn Monroe.

There are many more well known and amazing  Geminis. Life for a Gemini is never simple by any stretch of the imagination.  Most of this energetic and interesting sign tend to slow down as they age and  find a comfortable place in life. Many achievers in all areas of life were born carrying the Gemini zodiac sign.IMG_0019

What to Expect from your Gemini Friend

Since we are in the month of Gemini I am featuring this zodiac sign all  month long.  Do you have any Gemini friends. Perhaps you do but didn’t know what sign they are.  Geminis will always be there for you, however you will have to ask for the help you need.  They are generally not the type to call you everyday when you are going through a bad time but a quick phone call to them and they are sure to  rush over and do whatever is necessary to support you.

Geminis are always fun to have on your friend list.  They will keep your life lively and fun.  A phone call at 8PM  at night with an invitation to go dancing, a movie or join them with a group of friends in a game of Bridge or Scrabble is not uncommon. They are mostly dependable to be on time when expected,  but it is always a good idea to remind them of a planned get together.  Sometimes they don’t like writing things down or get busy in one of their many projects.  Being invited over to your Gemini  pal for a party is always a fun event.  Things will be planned to liven the evening and there will  always be lively conversation to include many topics.

Gemini friends do work at listening to you, but this sign can be easily distracted and sometimes change the topic midstream.  Gently bring them back and they will respond.  Check your birthday list to make sure you have at least a few friends of this sun sign.IMG_0019

How To Propose to a Gemini

Each zodiac sign has its own quirks and ideas for doing things in life.  Some of the practical signs such as Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus (all earth signs) would love to be proposed to with simple words and a simple venue.  Well maybe the Taurus might like a little candlelight and a few rose petals sprinkled about.

How to impress your Gemini love–lets see about this.  Geminis are the most adventurous and outgoing sign of the zodiac.  Anything creative and different will create sparkling eyes.  Maybe a spontaneous helicopter ride or a dinner in Paris (if the budget allows) or a treasure hunt.  What fun to send your Gemini love on a treasure hunt searching each clue to the end.  If you are both into sky diving a heavenly way this would be to propose.  Kind of just kidding here.  Maybe an envelope full of papers and at the bottom the written proposal.  Just trying to share with you that something unique and different will work well for this special zodiac sign of Gemini.

Lets Talk Moon Signs

What is a moon sign?  Isn’t having a zodiac (sun) sign enough.  The moon travels from one sign to another as does the sun sign–except it changes signs every 2.5 days so it is not easy to follow as the sun sign is.  The moon sign changes many things about your sun sign.  This is one of many reasons why all Geminis, Libras, Pisces etc. are not alike.

The moon represents your emotional behavior, food choices, romantic choices, your mother  and also some of your early years.  For example if you are a staunch and dependable Capricorn a moon sign of Gemini will lighten you up and create a more adventurous spirit. The traits of the moon sign have some similarity to the traits of the sun sign except in different venues.  Accordingly many Astrologers feel that the zodiac sign makes up about 80 percent of your personality and total reading.  There are other planetary influences but I won’t go into those today. So the next time someone tells you that you are not a typical Aries or whatever your sign is you can tell them what  your moon sign is.

To find your moon sign just google “determine moon sign”.  There are many sites that will lead you through several easy steps to determine what your moon sign is.



Gemini and Compatible Signs

A popular question in Astrology is always what signs go with what signs.  First of all just because your signs may mesh well together doesn’t mean eternal happiness.  This also works in reverse with signs that are reputed to create some challenges—after all there is always free choice and will.   A little education here–you have a moon sign as well as a zodiac sign.  The moon represents emotions, food choices, romantic choices and often reveals something of your early life. The moon is in one of the 12 signs just like your sun sign.  Read on of you are a Gemini or know one.

To find your moon sign google “determine moon signs”.  A few simple questions and voila you will know your moon sign.  So I am going to give you the run down according to your moon sign.

As a Gemini:  Moon sign of Gemini—easiest sign to get along with is Aquarius.  Geminis jump in and Aquarius takes a little more time.

Moon sign: Cancer  There are challenges here but the secretly ambitious sun sign of Cancer plans a lot and creates a warm atmosphere.  Interesting dynamics. Pisces and Scorpio can be very interesting.or Leo

Moon Sign: Leo   Go for Leos and have a great time.  Sagittarius and Geminis are often attracted to each other—some differences but also a good duo

Moon Sign Virgo:  Virgos though are totally different –can create an organized and warm relationship.  Taurus and Gemini zodiac signs are amazing together with this moon sign.

Moon Sign Libra:  Geminis with this combination of sun and moon sign do well with Libras, Aquarians, Aries  and even other Gemini people.

Moon Sign Scorpio:  This combination can be very volatile so best to go with tamer Taurus or Libra

Moon sign Sagittarius:  Sagittarius sun sign works well here as there is a strong emotional tie. Leos are also go with this moon sign.

Moon Sign of Capricorn; Geminis with Capricorn moon signs are far more practical than other Geminis.  So Capricorns and Taurus work well.

Moon Sign of Aquarius: This is easy as Aquarians go well with Gemini sun sign and Aquarius moon sign.  Libras and Aries are also good.

Moon sign of Pisces:  Pisces, Libras and Aries are the best signs for Geminis with Pisces moon signs.

Let me know how your signs go together.

Your Gemini Child

You have been blessed with a Gemini child.  What can you expect?  You will notice at birth the active little person scrambling to get out of the crib and explore places unknown.  Gemini children are often first to speak and walk and take over the house.  As toddlers you can surprisingly keep this little urchin busy coloring, painting and doing puzzles.  However let the little one have a place to run wild to use up all the energy that is storing while painting and drawing.

In school the Gemini will do well with lots of encouragement.  Praise is never lost on this child.  Though a streak of independence will shine through, they love to know mom is home waiting with snacks and encouragement.  They often have many friends and will want to bring them home. Geminis are social beings and love organizing the activities.  Smart as whip and the need for challenges remain throughout their lives.  Don’t fret at the messy room as it is often best to just close the door.  Geminis like to expore and try new things so keep in touch with them often.  They are basically good kids are are generally not swayed by peer pressure.